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Finance solutions for those with bad credit and no collateral

A second chance for those with bad credit or previous defaults

If you are tired of being told no by your bank and forced to constantly jump through loops, it’s time to explore a bad credit business loan. Previous failure is not necessarily a reflection of future potential, and we understand that. Our bad credit business loans are suitable for both established businesses and those seeking to start a new venture.

Most lenders including traditional banks have stringent lending guidelines that they must adhere to when making loan approval decisions. Many businesses with previous defaults (no matter how small) or a low credit score are instantly excluded from being offered finance. For a second chance at success contact Simply Funds.

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What are bad credit business loans in Australia?

Bad credit business loans are a financing option that suit businesses with a low credit score or previous defaults. Our flexible lending criteria means that we can take into consideration factors that major lending institutions don’t, and subsequently creatively structure you loan so that repayments are sustainable.

We can design a repayment plan that is aligned with your cash flow while allowing you to make extra repayments or pay the loan off early. Our ability to look beyond your credit history means that you can obtain finance without having to provide extensive documentation.

Simply Funds Loans

Am I eligible for a bad credit business loan?

Our transparent online application process can provide you with a pre-approval within minutes. Bad credit business loans are often used in the following circumstances:

Start Up Business Loans With No Collateral

A fantastic idea and an exceptional business plan is often not enough to obtain a business loan from a bank or major financial institution. With no history of cash flow and no assets, banks are quick to draw a line in the sand. This is not the case with Simply Funds bad credit business loans.

Business Loans for Bad Credit

Traditionally, major banks considered credit history, cash flow, collateral, and character when processing loan applications. Over time the focus has shifted almost exclusively to credit history which has made it increasingly difficult for many small businesses to obtain finance. Bypassing the banks can save time, allow you to obtain finance, and subsequently improve your credit score for the future.

Simply Funds Loans

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