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From Setback to Success: Don't
Let Bad Credit History Hold You

Are you sick and weary of hearing "no" from your bank? Do you frequently put yourself through a lot of hoops for financial support just to get turned down? It's time to go beyond the limitations that come with traditional financing and consider your options for a bad credit business loan.

Many bad credit business lenders and traditional banking institutions, follow rigorous lending criteria that immediately exclude companies with past defaults or bad credit ratings. You may feel discouraged and constrained as a result, becoming mired in an endless cycle of being rejected. However, at Simply Funds, we adopt a different strategy. Beyond credit score, we pay attention to the potential and tenacity of your company.

Bid farewell to the voluminous paperwork, exhausting periods of delay, and disappointing rejections. Contact Simply Funds right away to start along the path to a better financial future.

Overcome Financial Hurdles with Tailored Solutions

Bad credit should not be a barrier to your business's growth and operational success. At Simply Funds, we understand your challenges and provide bad credit business loans that help keep your business moving forward. Don’t let past financial missteps dictate your future opportunities.

Custom Financial Support for Every Business Need

Whether you're looking to expand, cover unexpected expenses, or pay off ATO debt, our financial solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses with less-than-perfect credit scores.

  • Diverse Loan Options: From secured business loans that use your assets as collateral to non-bank loans providing alternatives to traditional banking solutions, Simply Funds has various options to help stabilise your financial footing.

  • Enhance Your Credit: By securing a bad credit business loan with us and maintaining on-time repayments, you have the opportunity to improve your credit score, which can open up new financing avenues and potentially lower interest rates in the future.

  • No Credit Check Business Loans: For those seeking immediate assistance without impacting their credit score, our no-credit-check business loans offer a viable solution, allowing you to access the funding you require.

Why Simply Funds for Your Bad Credit Business Loan?

Accessible Financing

With Simply Funds, obtaining a business loan is not hindered by your credit history. We specialise in business loans for bad credit, ensuring that past financial difficulties do not prevent you from accessing the funding you need.

Quick & Easy Processes

We know that time is crucial for business owners. Our application process is streamlined and straightforward, designed to get funds into your hands faster than traditional lenders. You can focus more on running your business and less on lengthy financial processes.

Flexible Loan Terms

Our bad credit business loans are personalised to fit your unique financial situation. We offer flexible terms that can help manage cash flow and repayment schedules that work for your business needs, helping you manage your financial obligations without additional stress.

Business Loans For Bad Credit: Invest in Your Business’s Future

Investing in your business's growth has never been easier with Simply Funds. Use our loans to upgrade equipment, boost marketing efforts, hire staff, or expand operations. Our goal is to support your aspirations with the right financial tools to achieve success.

We also offer property development loans tailored to developers looking to turn visions into profitable real estate projects. Plus, if you need access to funds above your existing mortgage, our second mortgage options can provide the capital you need for any business expansion. For anyone requiring quick, short-term funding, our caveat loans can be the ideal solution, especially in urgent financial situations.

Transform Your Business Financials With a Bad Credit Business Loan

Turn to Simply Funds for a solution that respects your business’s potential, not just its past. Apply now for a bad credit business loan and start your journey towards financial recovery and business growth. Let us help you turn your business challenges into opportunities with quick, effective, and empathetic financial solutions. Contact us today to learn how our bad credit business loans can provide the support you need to thrive—even with a challenging credit history.

Bad Credit Business Loans – FAQs

What qualifies as a bad credit business loan?

A bad credit business loan is for businesses that may not meet the strict credit criteria of traditional banks due to past financial difficulties. These loans provide essential funding to help companies to continue operations, grow, and repair their credit profile. At Simply Funds, we focus on your business’s current capabilities and future potential rather than just your credit history.

Can I still receive a loan if I have defaults or bankruptcies in my business's past?

Absolutely. Simply Funds recognises that past financial issues don’t define your business’s future. We offer loans to companies with histories of defaults, bankruptcies, or other credit issues. Our approach considers your current business health and plans for growth, ensuring we provide manageable loans that support your recovery and expansion efforts.

What can I use a bad credit business loan for?

Bad credit business loans from Simply Funds are versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. Whether you're looking to expand your operations, invest in new equipment, hire staff, or manage cash flow during slow periods, our loans provide the financial support you need to achieve your goals. These loans offer the flexibility to address immediate needs and invest in long-term growth strategies.

How quickly can I access funds with a bad credit business loan from Simply Funds?

Our process is streamlined to ensure quick funding. After you submit your application, it is processed promptly, allowing you to access the funds sooner than expected. This rapid turnaround is part of our commitment to helping businesses when they need it most without the lengthy waits often associated with traditional banking.

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A Bizcap provides both Unsecured and Secured loans to Small Business Owners. When assessing a loan application Bizcap generally doesn't take into consideration if a prospective customer has specific assets to provide as security. However:
(a) if the loan amount is above $30,000 (or any other figure which Bizcap determines from time to time), Bizcap will, under the loan agreement take a charge. For a corporate borrower and any corporate guarantor, the charge is over all of that entity's present and after-acquired property (that is. the security is not over specific assets but any and all assets which the entity may have). For a sole trader borrower and any individual guarantor, the charge is over its current and future real property; and
(b) in certain instances, for example, where the loan relative to the cash flow of the borrower is of a size that warrants the provision of security over specific assets. Bizcap may require specific security to be granted over those assets. Bizcop may register its security interest(s) under relevant legislation, including the Personal Properties Securities Register and the register held under the Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) or Its equivalent.
I n addition. Bizcap may take personal guarantees from directors of corporate borrowers, directors of corporate guarantors and certain individuals. No registrations are made in respect of guarantees.