How it works

Fast and flexible business loans with funds provided in less than 48 hours

Financed in just 6 easy steps

Simply Funds makes the application process really easy, getting you the finance you need as quickly as possible.

Step 1

Enter your details below including the amount you would like to borrow.

Step 2

Talk with us about your requirements and provide us with your Assets & Liabilities information.

Step 3

We’ll put together an Estimated Loan Summary for you to review. It will include an itemised list of all total costs and charges.

Step 4

We will carry out our due diligence including desktop valuations. *Unlike most other lenders we DO NOT require formal valuations.

Step 5

Loan documents will get drawn up and sent to your solicitor (for signing in their presence).

Step 6

Loan is settled and the funds you need are made available to you.

How it works

With years of experience providing business loans, we understand the critical nature of time and the positive impact that additional funds can have on a business. Unlike banks, we will not make you complete a lengthy application process that involves the submission of an endless list of documents.

At Simply Funds our aim find a way to help you. A lenient lending criteria and flexibility in repayments allow is to find the optimal business loan. Offering secured and unsecured lending along with bad credit loans, we can provide the funding required to grow your business.

Simply Funds Loans

Which businesses are eligible?

Whether you need a loan to start a business or are looking to make use of the equity in a personal property, Simply Funds will help find financing option that is best suited to your needs. Here are some of the features and benefits provided by our business loans:

  • Fast Application Process: Apply in minutes with business loans settled and funding in less than 48 hours.
  • Limited Documentation: Our transparent approval process requires minimal paperwork.
  • Flexibility: Custom repayment plans that are aligned with your business requirements.
  • Bad Credit: Ideal for start-ups or those who have a poor credit history that may include defaults.
  • Up To 70% LVR: High loan to value ratio of 70% on caveat loans and second mortgages
Apply for a business loan to day to overcome financial distress, improve your business, or capitalise on growth opportunities.

Simply Funds Loans

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