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Safe, quick, and hassle-free quick business loans

Obtaining the money you need to improve your business does not have to take weeks, or even months. Our streamlined application process can be completed in minutes. It is an obligation free process with no credit check conducted for pre-approval.

Ideal for those who require an urgent business loan, one of our specialists will compile an estimated loan summary that itemises all the costs and charges. Once verification is successful, funds are immediately transferred. Our business loans are regularly funded and settled in less than 48 hours.

Simply Funds Loans

Why choose Simply Funds for Fast Business Loans?

A highly motivated team, flexible lending criteria and efficient loan application process allow us to provide same day business loans. We specialise in dealing with urgent business loans and understand that time is a critical factor.

Our team of experts specialise in dealing with businesses that require instant business loans. We will advise you on the most appropriate loan option and design a repayment plan that is aligned with your cash flow. Our flexible lending guidelines mean that we can look beyond any credit history and provide finance without having to collect extensive documentation.

Simply Funds Loans

What are my fast business loan options?

At Simply Funds we understand the changing finance needs of business and subsequently have a wide range of fast business loan options. They include unsecured and unsecured loans. Our product range includes:

Fast secured business loans

Refer specifically to those where a form of collateral is used to obtain finance. Real estate, property, inventory, and invoices are among the assets that can be used for a secured business loan.

Fast Caveat Loans

A short-term business loan in which finance is obtained and secured by a piece of real estate. If you have a proprietary limited (Pty Ltd) company and a property that can be used as security, a caveat loan could be the best option.

Second Mortgage Loans

Allows you to use the equity in your personal property even if you have an existing mortgage. One of the main benefits is that the rate will be comparable to that of the current mortgage on the property.

Property Development Loans

Banks are becoming extremely risk averse in the development space. At Simply Funds we can provide financing up to $5M across both residential and commercial projects.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Whether you are an existing business or a start-up, our lending criteria allows us to look beyond your credit score and any previous defaults. Our same day business loans can help kick start your business.

Simply Funds Loans

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