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If you're an Australian business owner, say goodbye to long waiting periods and endless red tape – Simply Funds has a streamlined application process to provide you with the finance you need to grow your business.

Why choose our quick business loan? It's simple! We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to seizing opportunities or overcoming unexpected business challenges. That's why we've made it our mission to offer a safe, quick, and hassle-free financing solution for your business needs.

Our loan application procedure is simple and efficient no need to worry about credit history checks at this stage – we conduct a pre-approval process without impacting your credit score. This way, you can explore your options without any obligations.

When you apply for an instant business loan, our team of experts will work with you to compile an estimated loan summary. This summary will provide a transparent breakdown of all the costs, interest rates, and charges so you know exactly what to expect.

Once the verification is successful, the funds are made available immediately. We recognize the importance of time in business and that is why we prioritize speed and efficiency in financing. This way, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business to its fullest potential.

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When your business needs a financial boost, every minute counts. with Simply Funds fast business loans, you can take charge of your business's financial future with confidence. Our easy application process ensures swift approval, granting you access to a small business loan in minutes!

With us you can:

Elevate your

Obtain the extra cash flow your business requires to fuel growth. Whether it's hiring more staff, obtaining working capital, expanding facilities, stocking up, or launching a marketing campaign, we've got you covered.

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Address urgent

Don't let unexpected repairs or renovations hold you back. Our short-term loans can swiftly provide the cash flow you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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Seize business

Time-sensitive deals should never slip away due to a lack of funds. With Simply Funds, you'll always be ready to seize new business opportunities.

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Navigate through

Unforeseen circumstances, like temporary lockdowns, can disrupt your business. Simply Funds business loan can provide the financial safety net you need during difficult times.

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Why choose Simply Funds
for fast business loans?

Simply Funds is a non-bank business lending institution, setting itself apart from traditional banks, credit unions, and construction companies. We specialise in providing safe and hassle-free loans to australian small business owners.

Our benefits include:

Highly motivated

Our dedicated team of business lending specialists understand the urgency of your financial needs and work relentlessly to provide instant loans ensuring you never miss out on crucial opportunities.

Flexible lending

At simply funds, we believe in giving every business a chance, regardless of their credit history. Our flexible lending criteria enables us to cater to a wide range of businesses including small businesses, ensuring they have access to the financing they need to grow.


Say goodbye to lengthy and complicated application procedures. Our streamlined process allows you to apply for a business loan quickly and easily, saving you precious time and effort.

Tailored and solution
based loans

We understand that every business is unique. Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify the most suitable loan term and option and craft a repayment plan that aligns seamlessly with your cash flow.

No minimal

No more drowning in paperwork! Our streamlined process allows us to process your loan request with minimal documentation, making the entire experience hassle-free and efficient.

Experience and

With years of experience in the financial industry, we have been serving large and small businesses like yours. You can trust our knowledge and expertise to find the best financing solution for your specific needs.

A variety of fast business loans at your fingertips

At Simply Funds we understand the changing finance needs of business and subsequently have a wide range of fast business loan options. They include unsecured and unsecured loans.

Our product range includes:


Obtain short-term finance by utilizing real estate as collateral. A caveat loan may be a suitable choice if you have a proprietary limited (pty ltd) firm and property to leverage.

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Second mortgage

Make use of the equity in your property, even if you already have a mortgage. Take advantage of our competitive interest rate equivalent to your present mortgage on the home.

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development loans

Don't worry if banks are becoming risk-averse in the development market; we've got you covered. Simply Funds provides financing up to $5 million for both residential and commercial projects.

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Secured business

Obtain financing by using collateral, such as real estate, property, inventory, or invoices. These secured loans offer a reliable way to access funds for your business.

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Bad credit
business loans

Whether you are an existing small business or start-up business owner, our lending criteria allow us to look beyond your credit score and any previous defaults. Our same-day business loans can help kick-start your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of businesses do we offer loans?

As a frontrunner in the industry, Simply Funds takes pride in providing small- and medium-sized business owners with a wide array of flexible and diverse options for business loans tailored to suit their unique needs and financial capacities.

Why opt for a small business loan from Simply Funds?

In today's fast-paced and competitive commercial world, time is of the essence, and we ensure quick and hassle-free financing.

How much can I borrow with a fast business loan?

With Simply Funds, you have access to a wide range of fast business loan options, and our funding capacity is designed to accommodate various business needs. We can offer business loans ranging from smaller amounts to substantial financing. You can borrow up to a remarkable 100 million dollars with Simply Funds.

What makes Simply Funds' fast business loans so quick?

Unlike traditional banks, Simply Funds offers a refreshing approach to business loans. We understand the challenges posed by traditional banking systems and have crafted our process to be swift and efficient. With us, you can experience the convenience of online loan provision, as we swiftly approve loans in less than 24 hours. Once approved, funds are deposited into your bank account on the very same day.

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A Bizcap provides both Unsecured and Secured loans to Small Business Owners. When assessing a loan application Bizcap generally doesn't take into consideration if a prospective customer has specific assets to provide as security. However:
(a) if the loan amount is above $30,000 (or any other figure which Bizcap determines from time to time), Bizcap will, under the loan agreement take a charge. For a corporate borrower and any corporate guarantor, the charge is over all of that entity's present and after-acquired property (that is. the security is not over specific assets but any and all assets which the entity may have). For a sole trader borrower and any individual guarantor, the charge is over its current and future real property; and
(b) in certain instances, for example, where the loan relative to the cash flow of the borrower is of a size that warrants the provision of security over specific assets. Bizcap may require specific security to be granted over those assets. Bizcop may register its security interest(s) under relevant legislation, including the Personal Properties Securities Register and the register held under the Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) or Its equivalent.
I n addition. Bizcap may take personal guarantees from directors of corporate borrowers, directors of corporate guarantors and certain individuals. No registrations are made in respect of guarantees.