We Understand Your Unique Financial Needs

Being ahead of the game is essential in the fast-paced business environment. We go beyond the norm to offer proactive and leading-edge financial services that enable you and your business to flourish. You can rely on Simply Funds to be ready and prepared to accommodate any shifts in your requirements. 
Even when business is going great, additional funding could be used to:
Invest in state-of-the-art machinery or equipment to enhance your operational efficiency.
Boost Working Capital for New Opportunities
Bridge the Deposit Gap and Settle with Confidence
Consolidate Debts and Resolve Outstanding ATO Balances

Skip the lengthy and obstructive bank applications. Contact us when your business needs a faster and better financial solution. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Say Goodbye to Bank Blues and Access Loans
from $50k and $100M

Don't let the clock tick away as you navigate the never-ending maze of bank applications. It's frustrating, time-consuming, and can leave you feeling defeated. But don't fret! Simply Funds has got you covered -No strings attached!

We are aware of the difficulties experienced by deserving companies like yours that frequently encounter financing denials due to the most absurd reasons. But here's the game-changer: If you're a Proprietary Limited Company (Pty Lyd) business owner with an equity-rich property, we're here to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Rise to New Heights with Simply Funds

Looking for swift, hassle-free business loans? Simply Funds is your destination for securing the financial boost your company needs. Specialising in solution-based, hassle-free funding, we cater to PTY LTD companies and businesses seeking quick cash injections to navigate financial hurdles or seize new opportunities. Our services are designed with your needs in mind, offering a streamlined approach to financial assistance that saves time and reduces stress.

Loans Services Simply Funds Offers

  • Business Loans: Is your business just starting out or looking to expand? Our business loan offers are perfect for fast funding requirements, start-ups looking to hit the ground running, or developers needing property development loans.

  • Construction Loans: Our construction loans are tailored for developers, supporting your project from the ground up ensuring you have the necessary funds to bring your vision to life.

  • Caveat Loans: Need funds urgently? Our caveat loans can be processed swiftly and securely, providing a lifeline for businesses in immediate need.

  • Second Mortgage: Tap into the equity of your property with a second mortgage. This option is ideal for businesses with an existing mortgage and need additional funding.

Why Choose Simply Funds?

  • Quick, Stress-Free Application: Time is precious, especially with business operations. We understand this, so our application process is designed to be as simple, straightforward and quick as possible. Say goodbye to the endless paperwork and long waiting times associated with traditional bank loans.

  • Flexible Loan Options: Whether settling ATO debt, funding property development projects, or overcoming the challenges of bad credit, our numerous loans, including secured business loans, non-bank loans and more, ensure you find the perfect fit for your financial needs.

  • No Hidden Fees, No Surprises: Transparency is vital in our operations. We ensure that all terms, fees, and charges are clear from the get-go, allowing you to make informed decisions without worrying about hidden costs.

  • All Credit Histories Welcome: Understanding that past financial difficulties shouldn’t hold you back, we offer flexible solutions such as bad credit business loans. Regardless of your credit history, we aim to support your business’s growth.

  • Comprehensive Support & Solutions: Our dedicated team offers guidance every step of the way, with flexible and diverse loan options tailored to meet your business’s unique challenges and needs, ensuring you receive sensible financial solutions without the hassle. Plus, all our consultations are free, so you can explore your options and access expert advice at no extra cost.

Ready to Secure Your Business Loan?

Don’t let financial constraints hold your business back. We recognise the pressures business owners face – tight deadlines, unexpected expenses, and the constant pursuit of growth opportunities. With Simply Funds, you have a partner committed to helping your business thrive by offering reliable, quick, and flexible financial solutions. Apply now and start your journey towards financial freedom and business growth.

Simply Funds – FAQs

How quickly can I get a business loan from Simply Funds?

Getting a business loan with us is about saving time and cutting through the red tape. Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, ensuring you get the financial support you need without unnecessary delays. Once you"ve submitted your application, our team works diligently to review your details. 

We can process and provide financial assistance in a remarkably short timeframe for urgent funding needs, such as caveat loans. Generally, the exact timing depends on your specific loan type and requirements, but we strive to move as quickly as your business does.

What types of loans does Simply Funds offer?

Simply Funds offers various loan services tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Whether you require urgent funding through a caveat loan, are looking to leverage the equity in your property with a second mortgage, are aiming to kickstart or expand your operations with a business loan, or are funding a construction project, we"ve got you covered. Our diverse loan options are crafted to support your business's growth and success at every stage.

Are there any hidden fees or charges I should be aware of?

Transparency is at the core of everything we do at Simply Funds. We believe in making all fees, charges, and loan terms clear from the beginning, allowing you to make informed financial decisions. With Simply Funds, what you see is what you get – no hidden fees, no sudden surprises, no stress. Our straightforward approach means you can confidently plan and budget, knowing exactly where you stand.

Can I apply for a loan if my business has a bad credit history?

Yes. At Simply Funds, we understand that a challenging past shouldn"t dictate your future opportunities. We offer flexible solutions, including bad credit business loans, designed to help your business thrive, regardless of its credit history. Our aim is to support your business's growth by focusing on its current strengths and future potential, not just its past financial challenges.

Make It Happen In 6 Easy Steps

We've made it swift and easy! Here's how;

Step 1

Kickstart by sharing your details, the loan term, and the loan amount you wish to borrow. Getting a quote from us has no impact on your credit scores.

Step 2

Have a chat with us about your requirements and dish out your Assets & Liabilities for our expert analysis.

Step 3

Sit back and relax as we prepare an Estimated Loan Summary exclusively for you. This breakdown will include the proposed loan amount, interest rates, establishment fee, and relevant other loan terms.

Step 4

Take advantage of our quick due diligence procedure, which uses desktop valuations rather than formal valuations.

Step 5

Receive loan documents for signing with your solicitor present.

Step 6

Celebrate as your loan is settled, and the much-needed funds become readily available to you.

During our application process, we review your credit profile and assign you a personalized credit score. This credit score will help us determine fees, charges, and interest rates applicable to your loan. Accepting your loan offer with us is a seamless and hassle-free experience.

What can I use as security?

Generally, we lend against Residential or Commercial real estate that has sufficient equity
available. You can usually get up to 70-75% LVR (loan to value ratio). We can also lend against
rural properties and land, but LVR's are lower.

Let Us Be Your Partner In Success

  • We offer loans throughout Australia.
  • User-friendly application with an offer ready for you in under 60 minutes.
  • Credit score safe. Getting quotes won't affect your ratings.
  • Get Loans up to $100M
  • No company tax returns are required with most loans
  • No hidden charges, upfront fees or early repayment fees.
  • We accept all credit ratings (Excellent credit score or not!)
  • Reasonable Establishment fee, interest rate and loan terms.

What our clients say

We Welcome Brokers

Finance brokers can expand their available loan options with
professionally sourced and managed finance deals for commercial
clients. There is no need to turn them away or send them through
the complicated banking process. Just talk with us.

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A Bizcap provides both Unsecured and Secured loans to Small Business Owners. When assessing a loan application Bizcap generally doesn't take into consideration if a prospective customer has specific assets to provide as security. However:
(a) if the loan amount is above $30,000 (or any other figure which Bizcap determines from time to time), Bizcap will, under the loan agreement take a charge. For a corporate borrower and any corporate guarantor, the charge is over all of that entity's present and after-acquired property (that is. the security is not over specific assets but any and all assets which the entity may have). For a sole trader borrower and any individual guarantor, the charge is over its current and future real property; and
(b) in certain instances, for example, where the loan relative to the cash flow of the borrower is of a size that warrants the provision of security over specific assets. Bizcap may require specific security to be granted over those assets. Bizcop may register its security interest(s) under relevant legislation, including the Personal Properties Securities Register and the register held under the Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) or Its equivalent.
I n addition. Bizcap may take personal guarantees from directors of corporate borrowers, directors of corporate guarantors and certain individuals. No registrations are made in respect of guarantees.