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If you need a loan to start a business, then you have come to the right place. For businesses in their infancy, it is all but impossible to get a business loan from a bank. In many circumstances there is no recorded cash flow, an absence of capital, or a previous failure.

At Simply Funds, our flexible lending guidelines allow us to look beneath the surface. Our application procedure is simple and can be completed even if there is limited cash flow or a lack of financial statements. Apply in minutes and get the funds required to kickstart your business.

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Why do banks say no to startup business loans?

Banks have very strongest guidelines with respect to loans for business start-up. A creative idea and a detailed business plan are not enough to obtain a business loan from a bank or major financial institution. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Capital/Collateral: New businesses, particularly those in the services industry, have limited assets. The same applies to capital unless you are winning to use personal assets such as real estate.
  • Credit Rating: A good credit history is not enough to get a loan, and any previous defaults will automatically have an application denied.
  • Business History: A lack of experience and the absence of a customer base are additional reasons why banks deny start-up loans.

Simply Funds Loans

Benefits of Simply Funds Start Up Business Loans

At Simply Funds we understand that in many instances a business cannot get off the ground and build a customer base without financial assistance. Here are some of the ways we are helping start-ups realise their potential:

Fast Application Process

Our transparent application process takes a matter of minutes to complete. In many circumstances we can get you funded and settled in less than 48 hours.

Limited Documentation

Traditional lenders require paperwork that you may not have. A new business or one in its infancy does not have multiple tax returns or cash flow statements. Our flexible approval process requires minimal paperwork.


We have found this to a critical aspect with start-up loans. Initially a business may be looking to grow and establish a consistent cash flow. To combat this we can design a repayment plan that is aligned with your business requirements.

Bad Credit

Our bad credit loans are ideal for those who have a poor credit rating or previous defaults. Relaxed lending requirements are ideal for start-ups who can obtain finance and subsequently improve their credit rating for the future.

Simply Funds Loans

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